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Bubble Shooter®

Bubble Shooter® is a fun, entertaining casual puzzle game inspired by the Puzzle Bobble game that was released by Taito in 1994. The game are owned by Ilyon Dynamics, after they were acquired from Absolutist, who released the original game in 2002. Over the past decades, Bubble Shooter has become the most classic and addictive video game. Currently, this site is the official destination for free online single-player Bubble Shooter. Click PLAY to start playing one of the world's most popular puzzle games now!


How to play Bubble Shooter

The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by exploding balls. Players will aim and shoot balls at the board, matching at least 3 balls of the same color to explode it. The more balls you shoot each time, the more points you will get. But be careful with your missed shots because it will push your ball board down to the line. And that can lead to the end of the game if a ball touch the bottom line of the screen.


Control Options

How to play bubble shooter

Game Features

  • Bubble Shooter is available on all devices with no download required.
  • The game is for gamers - Fans of the game Bubble Shooter.
  • New feature added: Top Player - Allows players to see their rankings online.


Tips And Tricks

Don't rush - The game is not limited by time so players can completely relax to play.
Check the next bubble - Pay attention to the next bubble colors to shoot the right target.
Aim and shoot accurately - Take advantage of both sides of the wall to put the ball into difficult positions, aim and shoot accurately.
Keep a safe distance - Limit the number of shots that do not hit the target to keep a safe distance.
Forget the score - Don't let the scores of the Top 10 players make you discouraged and give up!


Bubble Shooter Free

Bubble Shoot is a great game for players of all ages. It's easy to learn, but difficult to master. The game is also very addictive, so be prepared to spend hours playing it. With colorful graphics, fun gameplay, and challenging levels, Bubble Shooter is a must-play for those who love casual games.

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